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September 2, 2010
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iTunes 10 back to 8 by larzon83 iTunes 10 back to 8 by larzon83
iTunes 8 is back (for Download see the end of the description)

Additional graphics included:
-- Stijio Traffic Lights
-- old school aqua-style-Viewbuttons
If you like to change some graphics, get Themepark 3.1: [link]

UPDATED for 10.7!
- graphics...

UPDATED for 10.6!
- Nothing special, just graphics

UPDATED for 10.4!!!
- no more transculent traffic lights, because it doesn't work with 10.4. Also Apple removed the option of vertical aligned Traffic Lights, so it doesn't make sense anymore
- window gradients and the view buttons are not changed anymore. The new noisy background blends nice.
- I included the popular Stijio Traffic Lights in a separate folder. If you wanna use them, drag and drop the tiffs to the corresponding number in Thempark *.

UPDATED for 10.3.1!!!
- graphite & aqua styled elements
- colored sidebar icons (small & big state)
- iTunes 9 volume slider (without gaps!)
- classy display of storage information of iPod, iPhone, ...
- transculent traffic lights (appear on mouse over)
- aqua list headers, checkboxes, ...

DOWNLOAD (v10.7)
Graphite | Full Preview
Aqua | Full Preview

additonal downloads
Aqua View Buttons
Stijio Traffic Lights
Stijio Traffic Lights (Lion)

Have fun ;)
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ouwe036 Sep 30, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Hello Larzon,

please will or can you update this theme for iTunes 11.1 ?

larzon83 Sep 30, 2013   Interface Designer
mine looks like this atm:…
I can upload it for you if you want ;)
ouwe036 Sep 30, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thats looking nice Larzon,

If you will upload it for me ...that wood be nice :)
But can you change the slider , just like in iTunes 10 to 8 ?

Thanks in advance :) :)

larzon83 Oct 1, 2013   Interface Designer
No slider atm, sry. Maybe later ;)
ouwe036 Oct 1, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
No problem...thanks for the theme.

Thanks Larzon :)
Any plans to update for recently released iTunes 10.7?
macfreak05k Aug 20, 2012  Student Photographer
how do you change the stijio bottons?
larzon83 Aug 29, 2012   Interface Designer
With Themepark 3
Okay just realized why your Aqua mod did not work I have iTunes 10.6.1 your most recent update is for iTunes 10.6 -- haven't updated yet for iTunes 10.6.1. Thought since its a minor update it wouldn't matter but apparently it does. Please update for iTunes 10.6.1 asap. At present iTunes 10.6 mod does not work -- I don't get standard OS X aqua scroll bars I get the default gray scroll bars Apple has included with iTunes for the past few versions.
larzon83 Apr 5, 2012   Interface Designer
That is strange. I too have iTunes 10.6.1 and my modded 10.6 works great. People on macthemes do confirm this -> [link]
I looked into the 10.6.1 rsrc and couldn't find any changes - so, it has to work...
If you have more questions please send me note instead of writing in the comments ;)
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